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Are related to the WP1.5.1 template. There is a fix in the latest release WP1.5.1.1, which I tried to install on Friday, however this does not seem to have worked for me. I will need to try it again soon. Unfortunately I seem to be in some strange Burmuda Tech triangle in which all of my laptops are having one problem or another. The worst of which was the fact that my primary work laptop is not recognizing it’s OS. I am afraid that I will need to do a fresh install in which case I might as well boost it up to XP. I recently installed XP on this machine and was surprised how much more I like it than 2k pro. Of course, very soon these machines may be going back to their rightfull owners in which case it will matter very little to me.

It’s Monday and what can I say other than thank God I am sober, cause this would really be bad if I was hungover. On another note, at least there is another Sun’s v Spur’s game televised tonight. note- I apparently was not paying close enough attention and was mistaken as to when the next game was being televised. It was not tonight. Hopefully this time Stoudemire and the boyz can pull out a win. It is going to get pretty ugly if they drop the first two home games. The Spur’s are tough enough as it is, that would pretty much seal the deal of their demise. Either way they have had a great season which is good because my other team the T-wolves went into complete meltdown this year. Both teams had the most dramatic turn arounds in opposite directions. The only team that did worse was probably the Lakers who lost both the best player and the best coach in the NBA. T-wolves had no such excuse.

Revenge of the Sith

So a bunch of my co-workers went to see a showing of the new Star Wars movie this morning at 3:30 am. I will wait until things settle down a bit first. I am a fan, but I am not a FAN!.

CBS Story on Opening night

(Photo: AP)

At lunch I was doing some thinking and decided to contribute a bit more to this post from my BlackBerry. And then I decided that I should edit it a little bit for formatting at least. So here is what I was thinking…
Apart from any design considerations, there exists a more fundamental question as to the nature of what I am writing here. I want to let my friends and the occaisional stranger (read as friends I haven’t met yet). I may at times share some of my feelings, but this is not a replacement for my daily journal. What is going on right now however, is that I am arrived at a fork in the road that is my career. I am just now waiting for others to make a decision that will guide me in the direction I will take. One thing I recognize in writing this is that I have already made a decision. That decision is to wait and see what offer might come my way. Just in acknowledging that fact I find that I am not entirely powerless in this situation. And that makes me feel a whole lot better.