NU MSC Holiday Party

Last night I went to my first NU MSC event as an official student. Of course, since there are only three of us joining my cohort here in the winter quarter, I was the only new guy at the party last night. So I spent the first half hour just standing around the periphery and stuffing my face with free pizza and hor d’oevres like some social leper. Thankfully the program director came along shortly and began to introduce me to some of my classmates. One the last guys I was introduced to is a guy named Andre from South Africa. We got to talking about how tough it has been to juggle the work/ school schedule. He mentioned it hadn’t really been that bad, and that he even had time to train and race his bike. As you can guess, from that point on the conversation centered around bike racing. He has been racing lots of cyclocross, like most of my friends around here. And like my friend Randy is trying to talk me into racing Montrose tomorrow. I’m not sure that I am in for that although I may go spectate. I suppose that if I do decide to race, at least the weather will be better than last year.

End of year review…

due in more ways than one. I was actually just doing a little house cleaning here on the old blog and noticed that the last two years my posting has completely died off. I have commented many times about the timing of this demise and my shift to FaceBook to keep up with friends.


The other thought that came to mind as I posted this was that I have to write up my performance evaluations for work this week. I don’t know why this is always such a painful experience for me.