Hungary 2016

I have been back for a few days now, but Sabrina won’t be home for another 5 weeks. Facebook has of course taken over my social media life but I’ve just upgraded this blog so I’m ready to give it another shot! The trip was great and deserving of a much more lengthy recap than I’m willing to make on Facebook (although I did post some photo albums there).

This photo from Balatonfured was one of them. We had such a nice stop here and also in Tihanny. As is apparent from the pic, it was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was really fantastic to visit places like this that I had never been to in Hungary before. 

End of year review…

due in more ways than one. I was actually just doing a little house cleaning here on the old blog and noticed that the last two years my posting has completely died off. I have commented many times about the timing of this demise and my shift to FaceBook to keep up with friends.


The other thought that came to mind as I posted this was that I have to write up my performance evaluations for work this week. I don’t know why this is always such a painful experience for me.