Working on moving to wordpress.

I have set up my new WordPress blog at although i caution you that there is really nothing to see there. Once I get it all figured out (including moving my data from blogger over) I will replace the existing blog link. It is ginving me an opportunity to test my skills in PHP and MySQL which i am learning on the fly. Hopefully soon i will be able to get busy with my CSS and start actually designing some pretty sites. I spent the morning listening to a recording of the U2 concert in San Diego that kicked off the Vertigo tour. kind of makes up for having missed them touring once more. It used to be i never missed one of their concerts, but their ticket prices have gotten ridiculous. Not too mention very tuff to get (not that i tried).
edit- I was able to convert my Blogger posts and comments thanks to Andy Skelton’s Modified Blogger Importing Tool. I especially needed his help in the “Update” section below the “Having Problems?” section as Blogger was bombing on me big time.

Let the Gweek-end games begin.

So I have moved from blogger to, kindly update your bookmarks until I can take a minute to put in some redirect code on the blogspot site. I was having some problems with the comments earlier, but I have resolved that issue. All of this is in advance of a major facelift to this tired ass blog. I could have waited until all was in place to unveil the changes, but this is where it is at warts and all. Expect to see many changes to the blog and the site as I goof around here figuring things out. Of course as this isn’t really my job it may take some time so kindly be patient and if you can’t then just bugger off!